Bicycle Canada 2010: T minus 45 days

I have had the idea of bicycling across Canada stuck in my head for the past seven years. I first thought about it in 2003 as my backup plan when I wanted to join the Army Reserves. Unfortunately, I injured my knee playing sports and spent the next three beautiful summer months in physiotherapy.  It wasn’t until October of that year that I was sworn into the military. I spent a lot of time juggling between the military, full time work and studying part time. A few years later I left the military for a couple of reasons. I developed pneumonia from training where I didn’t think my lungs would ever get back to normal and I was burning myself out with my school and work commitments. Now fast forward to December 2009 where I graduated from university with a bachelors degree in Commerce.  It is such a great feeling to be free of studying, school projects and exams. I was then able to obtain an unpaid leave of absence from my job at a local college.  Now, after all this time I’m T-minus 45 days. I have my flight booked for Vancouver, BC and am  leaving on May 8, 2010. When I arrive I’ll be crashing at a friend’s place.  I’ll hang out for a couple days then  hitch at ride to Vancouver Island’s Western point (Tofino or Port Renfrew?) to start my trip East.

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  1. Good luck with the trip, Martin – this should be a neat way of creating a journal of the event!

  2. Are you bringing your bike with you on the plane ? Check your airline for costs and requirements for bringing bikes over. People have remarked that some airlines are ridculous!

    • I had originally planned to ship my bike out a week ahead before my flight. That way I know it’s there waiting for me even before I get on the plane. It’ll only cost about $100 to do so. I checked with my airline. At the most I’d be paying $50 if I took it with me.

      I did hear a horror story from a colleague who did the trip a few years back. He shipped his bike out a week ahead and it went missing. The company that lost it bought him a new one to use. His bike turned up 10 days into his trip. The risk of lost luggage (bike) is the same. You either ship it out ahead of you or take it on the plane. The only difference is when you would find out about it.

      • Mark brought his bike with him on the plane a few years ago. Worked out great. About $50 and no issues.

  3. As for your choice of starting point, I’ve never been to Port Renfrew, but Tofino is amazing and definitely a must see. Geographically too it just feels like the western edge of the country. A great place to start if you ask me. I’d say the only hitch is that the road between Tofino and Port Alberni is quite a winding, hilly, narrow piece of highway. Definitely would be a challenge to ride. But, hey, you need a nice warm up before you take on the Rockies!

  4. Hey Martin!
    Today’s the big day!! From all of us at Griffin Centre we wish you a safe journey and thank you for your incredible efforts!!

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